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AquaVolt 2™

The AquaVolt 2 provides precise, on-line moisture monitoring for industrial gases in production and at various stages of product purification. It’s also well suited for trailer and cylinder filling monitoring, as well as for shielding gases used in welding.

AquaVolt 2 Data Sheet (PDF) – English


The Iceman addresses the unique requirements of moisture analysis in HFC’s and refrigerants. Today’s alternative refrigerants call for the special temperature-controlled sample conditioning only the Iceman provides. Regardless of the environment, hot or cold, the Iceman automatically provides optimal consistency of the sample gas temperature.

Iceman Data Sheet (PDF) – English

Nasty Boy™

The NastyBoy targets moisture in chlorine. Combining durability and accuracy, the NastyBoy features an advanced flow system design, using corrosion-resistant materials throughout. A dual NEMA 4X enclosure assembly isolates the electronics from the flow system. Inert gas purge ports prevent build up of hazardous, corrosive gases.

NastyBoy Data Sheet (PDF) – English

Tracer 2+™

The Tracer 2+ addresses the need for accurate, reliable process controls, and moisture sampling at levels at or below single-digit parts-per-billion. It is ideally suited for ultra-high-purity moisture detection in semiconductor manufacturing processes, inert and specialty gases, component and system testing, and laboratory research applications.

Tracer 2+ Data Sheet (PDF) – English, Japanese