2011 Golden Gas Award Finalist 

One of five finalists in the Gas Detection/Gas Analysis/Leak Detection category, MEECO won recognition for its M-i™ mini-sensor designed for online moisture monitoring. Golden Gas Awards are bestowed by Gases & Instrumentation International magazine in an annual competition.



The M-i is a palm-sized device that provides continuous, no-drift, online moisture analysis in the range of 0.5 ppm to 1000 ppm. The compact or “mini” sensor is based on electrolytic (P2O5) technology. The M-i measures 5.10 inches in height and 2.56 inches in width. The device does not require calibration, requires no consumables, and its sensor is completely recyclable. The M-i sensor absorbs and electrolyzes moisture at fractional parts-per- million (ppm). One hundred percent of the sample moisture is absorbed by a P2O5 film that covers two spiral-wound electrodes embedded in a hollow glass tube. When the sample gas enters the cell at a known flow rate, the film absorbs all the moisture molecules present. By applying an electrical potential (voltage) to the electrodes, each absorbed water molecule is electrolyzed, generating a finite current. This current is precise and proportional to the amount of absorbed water. It is, therefore, an exact, direct measurement of the water vapor present in the sample gas. Since the gas must be sampled offline, the M-i monitor cannot be inserted directly into the gas pipeline.