MEECO's Heritage
Since 1948, MEECO has produced durable, high-quality gas analyzers for industry. Chief among our customers are semiconductor manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as natural and industrial gas producers and their distributors, utilities, and chemical and petrochemical companies and the makers and users of ultra-high-purity gas. Headquartered in Warrington, PA, MEECO was founded by Dr. Gustav Bergson, a Harvard trained physicist.

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Accupoint 2TM
Accupoint 2
Microprocessor-based moisture transmitter, with built-in dual-stage pressure regulator and operating pressure range of 50-3000 psig.
Accupoint LP2TM
Accupoint LP2
For low process pressure (5-100 psig) applications, the Accupoint LP2 microprocessor-based moisture transmitter delivers …
With a range of 1-1000 ppm, the AquaVolt provides precise, online moisture monitoring for …
With a range of 35 ppb-20 ppm, the AquaVolt+ can be used in high-purity gas,…
Iceman addresses the special temperature-controlled sample conditions required for moisture analysis in HFCs and refrigerants.
World’s smallest, lowest-cost absolute moisture monitor, the M-i offers proven stability, precision, and repeatability…
For online moisture analysis in medical gases…
Online analyzer for moisture in chlorine, the NastyBoy stands up to the toughest applications…
Tracer 2 addresses the need for accurate, reliable process controls, and moisture sampling at levels…
WaterBoy 2 & LP2TM
WaterBoy 2
WaterBoy 2 offers a cost effective solution for reliable, portable “on-the-go” moisture analysis…

Our longstanding representative, Dick Whitlow of Flowmaster, reports: "I have never experienced anything like this- even in Hurricane Betsy where I was flooded with 3 feet of water. There are an estimated 100,000 homes that were flooded. It is estimated that about 60,000 people are still displaced. But people are pulling together and not waiting on the government to fix the problem.” People in Louisiana must strip out the damage and disinfect their homes before the long process of rebuilding. Dick reports that Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge is on the ground and helping. Please join us in contributing!

Client Testimonials
The lab here at Louisville Packaging has been using the MEECO Iceman since 2004 to test moisture in fluoroproducts for DuPont. We find the MEECO Iceman very reliable for repeatability studies with other labs using the same piece of equipment. The MEECO Iceman is used for testing moisture in our raw materials that are received and finished products that are shipped all over the world, which makes us really depend on the accuracy of this piece of equipment.
-Jimmie W. Baggett
Louisville Packaging

While using the Aquavolt+ I found that it responded faster to changes in moisture levels and cleaned up faster than the GE/Panametrics units we have been using. I also like the fact that the entire unit is in one enclosure. I have spent countless hours programming GE units and dealing with broken or incorrect wiring between the box and the cell. It will be nice to be able to send the entire Aquavolt+ unit in for annual calibration and get a complete, programmed and working unit back.
-Shawn Lambeth
Purity Systems

We trust MEECO analyzers to monitor the nitrogen used in the space shuttle. MEECO’s products are top quality and their service is excellent.
-Steven Jordan
Air Liquide

MEECO now has TRAC which is the global standard for baseline due diligence:

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"In Her Father's Footsteps," by Crissa Shoemaker Debree
The Intelligencer

You can also watch the interview with Founder and CEO of Tiger Optics, Lisa Bergson, here!

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