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The Iceman addresses the unique requirements of moisture analysis in HFC’s and refrigerants. Today’s alternative refrigerants call for the special temperature-controlled sample conditioning only the Iceman provides. Regardless of the environment, hot or cold, the Iceman automatically provides optimal consistency of the sample gas temperature.

Iceman Data Sheet (PDF) – English
WaterBoy 2+, WaterBoy 2 & LP2™
The WaterBoy 2+ offers a cost-effective solution for reliable, portable moisture analysis. Its modular design and sturdy construction is ideal for field conditions. It comes equipped with an internal rechargeable battery, in addition to a 120 Vac transformer or a 100-240 Vac universal transformer. The WaterBoy LP2 is available for sample gas inlet pressures below 100 psig.

WaterBoy 2+ (PDF) – English
WaterBoy 2(PDF) – English, Chinese, Japanese

WaterBoy LP2 (PDF) – English