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Moisture is one of the hardest molecules to measure and control given its inherent stickiness and ubiquity in the air. Fortunately, gas suppliers strongly adhere to government standards for moisture and other contaminants when it comes to medical gases, which are regulated as a drug.
Electrolytic moisture analyzers have long served the medical gas industry. Based on Faraday’s Law, an electrolytic moisture analyzer serves as an absolute and fundamental standard, with renowned stability and accuracy.

Medical Oxygen: MedOx™

Designed specifically for medical oxygen handled by gas suppliers, hospitals and the aviation industry, the MedOx provides continuous, highly linear, online moisture analysis with built-in moisture compensation to maintain the analyzer’s agility even when stored on very dry gas for long periods.

MedOx Data Sheet (PDF) – English
Accupoint 2™

The Accupoint 2 is a microprocessor-based moisture transmitter with a built-in dual-stage pressure regulator and an operating pressure range of 50-3000 psig. It’s ideally suited for most medical gas applications

Accupoint 2 Data Sheet (PDF) – English, Chinese,Japanese
Accupoint LP2™

The Accupoint LP2 is a microprocessor-based low pressure (5-100 psig) moisture transmitter. Whether checking moisture in bulk gas trailers prior to filling or measuring a sample stream after the process pressure reduction, the Accupoint LP2 delivers reliable moisture measurement.

Accupoint LP2 Data Sheet (PDF) – English,Chinese, Japanese
Accupoint LP2TM
AquaVolt 2™

With a range of 1-1000ppm, the AquaVolt 2 provides precise, on-line moisture monitoring for medical gases in production and at various stages of product purification.

AquaVolt 2 Data Sheet (PDF) – English

With a range of 35 ppb-20 ppm, With a range of 35 ppb-20 ppm, the AquaVolt+ can also be used to monitor moisture in the production and filling of medical gases.

AquaVolt+ Data Sheet (PDF) – English
Uber M-I™

Reliable, Versatile, Easy-to-use, and Easy on Your Wallet: With the advent of the Uber M-I , we offer the world’s smallest and lowest cost absolute moisture analyzer in a single comprehensive package. After close to a decade of service, our original M-i mini-sensor achieved global acceptance, with its proven stability, precision, and repeatability. Drawing upon MEECO’s legendary Electrolytic cell technology, the updated Uber M-I offers drift-free, calibration-free performance and a wide dynamic range — from 0.5 to 1000ppmV — over three orders of magnitude! Its freedom from consumables, recyclable sensor, and sustainable design makes it truly a product for our times.

Uber M-I Data Sheet (PDF) – English
WaterBoy 2+, WaterBoy 2 & LP2™

The WaterBoy 2+ offers a cost effective solution for reliable, portable moisture analysis. Its modular design and sturdy construction is ideal for field conditions. It comes equipped with an internal rechargeable battery, in addition to a 120 Vac transformer or a 100-240 Vac universal transformer. The WaterBoy LP2 is available for sample gas inlet pressures below 100 psig.

WaterBoy 2+ (PDF) – English

WaterBoy 2 (PDF) – English, Chinese,Japanese
WaterBoy 2
WaterBoy LP2 (PDF) – English
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